No more shouting into the void.

Stop wasting time running workshops which your audience doesn't like. Get your audience's real opinions, and start producing experiences that they really want.

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Measure the value of your meetings and workshops.

An instant feedback loop.

Running hybrid working events is hard. We know what it's like. Everyone seems so... distant.

When webcams and microphones are switched off, it's almost impossible to figure out what's working, and what isn't.

So stop predicting what your audience wants, and start gathering their actual feedback instead.

A voice for the quiet ones.

Sometimes it can seem like only the people who shout the loudest, get to have their say.

What about the opinions of everyone else?

Apoll gives a voice to everyone (introverts included).


Lightweight and easy to use

You want your audience's opinion? It's gotta be easy for them to respond, or they won't bother. A lightweight Apoll has just one question. You can choose from one of our suggested questions, or ask your own.

Simple scoring

Your audience is invited to answer your poll question with a simple score, from 1 to 10. We calculate the average for you.

View results privately

Anyone can respond to your Apoll. All you have to do is share the public page. But only you can view the results, on your private admin page.

Privacy first

We don't gather any personal information from your users. So you'll get true, honest opinions. There's no analytics or tracking on the response page either.


A basic Apoll expires automatically after 24 hours. So it's perfect for one-off events and workshops.

Works everywhere

On desktop. On mobile. In meetings. Share your Apoll with your audience, no registration or software needed.

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