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GDPR-compliant polls for your online events

Gather your audience's opinions, so you can start creating experiences that they really like.

Gain deeper insights

Your audience, unmuted

Unlock the full potential of your online interactions with real-time feedback that sparks meaningful conversations. Empower every participant to share their thoughts and opinions, making every voice heard and every meeting more productive.

Instant engagement
Launch polls and surveys in seconds. Watch as responses arrive in real-time, sparking discussions and driving decisions.
Versatility built-in
Tailored for online meetings of any size, from intimate team catch-ups to large-scale webinars.
Everyone's welcome
Give a voice to the quiet ones. Ensure everyone's voice is heard without bias.
GDPR compliant
We collect only the data you need, and nothing more. Your audience's privacy is our top priority.

Frequently asked questions

What do my participants need to join a poll?

Your participants just need a web browser or a smartphone to join a poll. No downloads or app installations are required.

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